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Ichigo vs Goku. Both Dragon Ball and Bleach, in their respective decades, constituted a significant turning point in the history of anime. Son Goku, the heroic lead character in Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball, and Ichigo Kurosaki, the lead character in Tite Kubo’s Bleach, are the protagonists of these two series. Which of the two would prevail in a fight?

In combat, Ichigo can defeat Son Goku. Beerus is one of the strong characters in the entire series and a skilled fighter. Son Goku has managed to survive his battles with him thanks to his heavenly ancestry. Even in his Mugetsu form, Ichigo couldn’t fight Goku because of his inferior strength. Now that you have a quick answer, the rest of the article has three sections. The first two of which will introduce the characters and their specialties. Finally, we’ll state our conclusion and provide an explanation for why Son Goku could overcome Ichigo Kurosaki.

Son Goku

Son Goku is the main character of the Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Super manga series. As well as the animated Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z / Dragon Ball Kai, Dragon Ball Super, and the parallel anime series Dragon Ball GT, which is a precursor to the other two series.

He was an orphan on the extinct planet Vegeta when he was sent to Earth. Where he was raised by his adoptive grandfather. He sets off on his journey after meeting youthful explorer Bulma, who urges him to seek the Dragon Balls.

Abilities and power

Son Goku is a natural-born martial arts enthusiast and adept who is able to read his opponents’ body language. He become accustomed to their attacks and pace. In order to conserve energy, Goku typically reserves a lot of power. And exerts self-control to the point that his ki level appears to drop to impossibly low levels.

He also showed the ability to use all of his might at precisely the appropriate moment as he makes a physical attack, though. When Goku suffers severe injuries or fatalities, he can use the Saiyan Power, which gives him the ability to outperform his strength. Being an extraterrestrial, Goku also has improved senses of smell, taste, and sight. He is One of the series’ most formidable characters. Son Goku competes with Vegeta to be Fighter Z and the most potent warrior in Universe 7. His power was two units when he was born.

Grandpa Gohan discovers that he is extraordinarily strong and that it would have been harmful for him if he were not a master in martial arts upon his arrival on Planet Earth at the age of three. He was in charge of shaping and instructing him in martial arts as a result. which sharpens his sense of battle.

Ichigo Kurosaki

Ichigo Kurosaki is a Human with the unique ability to detect spirits, and meeting Rukia Kuchiki, who gave him his Shinigami abilities in order to save his family from a Hollow, would completely upend his life. In the Bleach manga, he serves as the main character.

Abilities and power

Ichigo’s body is in excellent condition. Since he was a small child, Ichigo has received martial arts instruction from both his father and a professional instructor. He has consistently displayed excellent coordination and quickness during his attacks. Ichigo has strong kicks and punches, and he also knows how to take down opponents and apply body locks.

He has regularly used one hand to block a weapon strike from an adversary. Tatsuki Arisawa, who ranks as the second strongest girl in all of Japan despite fighting with a broken arm, is a greater martial artist than him and regularly easily defeats numerous criminals and gangsters.

He easily delivered one punch to each of the three lieutenants in fast succession while using only his bare hands. Despite the fact that he has ceased practicing, the bullies and his father continue to attack him, which keeps his skills up to date.

Ichigo is an extremely quick and nimble combatant even before learning Shunpo. Ichigo has excellent reflexes, deflecting a hit without exerting extra effort and launching a counterattack right away. He is capable of making swift, unannounced, and repeated attacks.

Ichigo has been called out for having extraordinarily high amounts of spiritual energy, well above those of the majority of other Shinigami, on a number of occasions. Renji Abarai was astonished by the fact that his spirit strength felt heavy. Ichigo consistently releases reiatsu at a captain level. He can use the Getsuga Tensho or release and maintain the Bankai from him while engaged in combat and yet fight successfully.

ichigo vs goku: who would win?

There are significant contrasts between Bleach and Dragon Ball. Dragon Ball is primarily centered on martial arts, whereas Bleach is focused on sword combat and supernatural abilities, but this has changed in recent seasons. Both series feature fighting. 

Whatever the case, it was hard to compare Ichigo vs Goku in the manner we usually do, so we had to be forced to introduce them in this manner. Putting their differences aside, Son Goku is currently operating at a considerably higher level of power than Ichigo.

Son Goku is an outstanding warrior because of his divine alien heritage, and his performance in the series demonstrates that he can hold his own against real-life deities who are considerably more powerful than he is (e.g. Beerus). He has fought foes who were monstrously challenging opponents, like Piccolo, Frieza, Vegeta, and others. 

On the other hand, although has tremendous potential, Ichigo is not the most powerful character in his franchise. Yes, we have his Mugetsu form, but that is a one-time use-only move that depletes Ichigo’s Spiritual Pressure and is impossible to use again.

The fact that Aizen survived a meeting with Ichigo’s Mugetsu form indicates that Goku will likely also survive it. Even in that state, Ichigo vs goku was not able to completely kill Aizen; instead, he only managed to damage him enough for Urahara’s Kido to work on him and cage him.

We need to confirm that Son Goku would prevail in this combat for that reason. Ichigo is simply not up to the level of power of Son Goku, among the strong anime characters ever.

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