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In the prestigious Akatsuki organization, there are many ninjas, but only one can be the strongest. The group that was most feared in Naruto was the Akatsuki. Yahiko founded it initially. but after his passing, it became a criminal gang. The members of Akatsuki were barbarian warriors from various villages who everyone feared. Some of the series’ toughest and most intimidating fighters were among these. The Akatsuki members ranked, originally a way for warring nations to stop smaller communities from destruction, turned into an enemy force. After its leader began to believe that the only method to end this ruination was by ruling over humanity. The Akatsuki is one of the single most powerful organizations in all of Naruto, despite their modest size. Its members are capable of defeating even the most skilled ninja.

In Naruto, there have been numerous organizations of evildoers. However, none of them are as well-known as the Akatsuki, including The Seven Deadly Swordsmen, Kara, Taka, and The Sound Five. The Akatsuki have existed in various forms with various goals, but their belief systems are frequently the same. Yahiko established the first Akatsuki order to guard the village buried deep in the rain. Nagato’s second order of the Akatsuki was an extension of Nagato’s, and Obito’s third order of the Akatsuki was Madara’s plan to carry out the prophecy written on the Uchiha Stone. Shin Uchiha gave the Akatsuki its fourth order.

The Akatsuki’s members vary in strength, with the older generation being noticeably weaker than the later members. Although this power disparity isn’t all that shocking given that some of the team’s members are nearly indestructible demigods, When we see the ranking of the Akatsuki members is ranked, it is obvious which one is the best.


This is fairly clear. The Akatsuki’s weakest member is Zetsu. Zetsu isn’t particularly skilled in combat. His membership is also not to hunt down any Jinchuriki, but rather to spy on them and give the Akatsuki important information.

Because he uses the Earth Style, Zetsu can pass through obstacles like walls and the ground. He can now travel quickly, getting anywhere he wants in a matter of minutes. As a result, he frequently observes various battles, activities, and secretive conversations that take place in the shinobi world. It is explicitly mentioned that Zetsu is a bad fighter and that he would end up losing to any Akatsuki members ranked.


A Yugakure ninja who went missing joined the Akatsuki and collaborated with Kakuzu. Kisame referred to them as both Zombie Duos because they were virtually impossible to kill. Hidan, who was invulnerable, defeated and killed his adversaries using their blood. It was very challenging to combat him because of his immortality, but Hidan didn’t take advantage of it. Shikamaru Nara eventually triumphed over him.

Hidan is not at all egregiously weak. But you simply cannot rank him higher than the other people on this list. He doesn’t possess any spectacular attacks that could harm any Akatsuki members ranked.


The reason behind Konan’s low rank is that her scaling her is extremely difficult. When Jiraiya entered Rain Village, she faced bad defeat. Later on, though, we witness her almost massacring Obito. When Naruto approaches Nagato, she reacts to him, scaling her attack power to Orange Mask Obito and her pace to Sage Mode Naruto.

Aside from the aforementioned feats, Konan doesn’t possess any skills that would elevate her beyond this rank. Her primary skills include making paper clones, attempting to control paper bombs, making an endless supply of paper bombs, and having exceptional speed.

Despite being so low on the list, we should not take Konan lightly because she scales much higher than most Akatsuki members ranked with adequate planning and on her home ground of the Rain village. She has a lot of control over the village, including the water and rain. Because she knew Obito’s secret and anticipated that he would eventually come for her life, she had plenty of time to prepare and almost killed him.


Kie was a founding member of the Akatsuki, a guerilla group that fought to prevent larger powers from demolishing the Secret Rain Village. He isn’t particularly strong, though, and it’s unclear what skills he possesses.

Madara Uchiha defeated Nagato to convince him to gather the Tailed Beasts with a more powerful iteration of the Akatsuki, as he did with many of the first-generation members of the organization. He might be deserving of a high ranking on this list, but given his scant screen time and Kie’s minimal influence on the plot, it’s more plausible that he was a weaker ninja.


Kakuzu, one of the most avaricious individuals in the Shinobi World, merged with the Akatsuki to increase his wealth. Everyone knows that he has killed several Jinchuriki, along with Fuu and Yugito, and that he has destroyed entire villages without the aid of Hidan.

The only way to defeat this ageless ninja is to simultaneously harm Kakuzu’s entire body and take out all of his reserve organs. That’s a very tall order that only a few skilled ninjas in Naruto can fill, considering that he has the physiological power to take on a Tailed Beast.

Kisame Hoshigaki

We know Kisame as the beast with no tail because of his enormous chakra reserve. In addition, he uses the same sword to be a member of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist. It can completely drain an opponent by absorbing their chakra. It is evident that we can cut through and absorb the majority of ninjutsu. Additionally, it can give an enemy Kisame by stealing their chakra. Kisame can combine with Samehada to increase her power absurdly. Due to his power hacks, Fused Kisame comes in at the top of this list. Kisame’s uncommon abilities make him the perfect candidate to find Jinchuriki.


When he turned the Akatsuki into an evil organization, he took the name Pain. He utilized his Rinnegan to command six corpses, each of which had a special skill, to rule over human civilization, becoming the object of all the world’s hatred.

Along with perfecting each primal transformation, Nagato could also instantly create a powerful force and destroy entire cities. He had the strength of an entire army, and Naruto’s use of Sage Mode and the chakra of the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox were the only things that could have stopped him. Nagato was stronger than the majority of the Akatsuki, which made it possible for him to command the most powerful version of them.


Orochimaru has traveled extensively throughout the Shinobi world and is arguably the most informed ninja in terms of Jutsu since Hagoromo. His motivation for joining the Akatsuki was to learn the Jutsu that the Akatsuki employed, and his ultimate objective is to attain true immortality and become a master of all Jutsu.

The difficulty of permanently taking down Orochimaru is one of his most terrifying traits. umerous practitioners drew Orochikaru into genjutsu techniques successfully, but he keeps escaping. Itachi sealed Orochimaru away, but he always returns. To combat potential adversaries, Orochimaru can also call upon Hashirama, Tobirama, and Minato using the Edo Tensei technique. In addition, he uses a universe he invented within his mind to take over other people’s bodies.

During the occurrences of the Boruto manga, Orochimaru devised the experiment known as Shin Uchiha. He drew inspiration from Danzo and gave as many Sharingan as he could manage to a single artificial life form. Shin eventually fully developed his Sharingan, and after repeatedly cloning himself, he recreated the entire Uchiha family.

Sasuke and Naruto were in danger from Shin. Currently, it got popular that even base Naruto and Sasuke are capable of defeating every member of the Shinobi World on their own, and Shin Uchiha is also considered a threat to the entire world. Soon after, Momoshiki, who was greatly feared for using his power to create a parallel universe,  faced  Naruto and Sasuke. He dominates the other Akatsuki by a significant margin, based solely on statistics.


The strongest member of Atasaki is Obito. Nevertheless, you can substitute him for him. It is impossible to establish which of the two of them is stronger according to canon. When it comes to power, they are quite close. But the main factor in my decision to rank Obito first was the fact that he possessed more hacking skills than pain.

As you are all probably aware, Kamui is Narutoverse’s most damaged Jutsu. It grants you tremendous pace, direct exposure to your dimension, the power to send anyone—including your body parts—into that dimension, and the ability to travel quickly—to any location in a matter of minutes.

The chakra drainage was the only downside, but Obito fixed that by inserting Hashirama cells inside of him. Obito doesn’t have to take part in any fights. He can blitz the enemy by kamuiing either him or the adversary.

Given the aforementioned skills, we can easily consider Obito as Akatsuki’s strongest warrior. It’s difficult to predict what would transpire in a fight between Obito and Pain because it’s so complicated.

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