How Old Is Naruto

About Naruto  How old is Naruto in season 1 Naruto, in  Shippuden and its follow-up, Boruto? The epic ninja comic Naruto by Masashi Kishimoto, which...

How Old Is Kakashi In Boruto

Who is Kakashi? When he was just five years old, Kakashi in boruto graduated from the Ninja Academy and attained the titles of Chuunin and...

How Did Sasuke Lose His Arm

This article will clear all your doubts about Naruto's and Sasuke arm. what happened to sasuke arm and how Naruto got his arm back...

How Did Sasuke Get Mangekyou Sharingan

You may learn everything there is to know about Sasuke's Rinnegan on this page. Also, this article have all the insides of whether Rinnegan...

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