How Did Itachi Die? The Under-appreciated Truth

There are many fantastic anime characters, but Itachi has long held the top spot when it comes to the most well-known Naruto characters of all time. This is due to the fact that he is not only strong and cool. But also because he made one of the greatest sacrifices in the entire narrative. Itachi did, of course, pass away in Naruto: Shippuden given that he had to make the ultimate sacrifice. So how did Itachi die and when does Itachi?

Because this is a narrative of an older brother’s affection for his younger sibling, the Itachi story is both tragic and endearing. That wasn’t the case initially though, as we all painted him as the antagonist. It was before he made one of the biggest sacrifices in the entire narrative. Let’s learn more about him and how How did Itachi die right now? does Itachi die with a smile?

About Itachi:

There are numerous characters who were able to play significant roles in the manga and anime over the whole Naruto plot. In this way, Itachi is one of the characters that had a significant impact on how Sasuke’s character arc developed. But who is Itachi in Naruto really?

Sasuke’s objective when he first appeared as one of the main characters was to get strong enough to kill Itachi, who is actually his older brother when the time came. According to the legend, Itachi murdered the whole Uchiha clan for an unknown cause before joining a strong renegade ninja organization known as the Akatsuki. Since that awful day, Sasuke’s entire life has been focused on killing his brother.

Itachi, a gifted ninja who excelled from birth, was able to surpass nearly all previous milestones in terms of his development over time. He was undoubtedly the most gifted Uchiha in recent memory and quickly rose through the ranks of the Hidden Leaf ninja organization. And for that reason alone, he had the strength to annihilate his entire clan.

However, as the entire anime went on, it became clear that Itachi was never the villain. Itachi had to choose between his clan and the village because of the politics that ran the entire Hidden Leaf Village. We see that the Uchiha clan, which had spent decades compelling them to reside outside the town, had plotted to overthrow the Hokage. Itachi, a ninja from the Anbu’s special forces, had to assassinate members of his own clan.

When does Itachi die?

In Naruto Shippuden episode 138, titled “The End” (in Japanese: “Shūen”), Itachi Uchiha passes away.

Is Itachi dead?

It is significant to note that Itachi passes away twice in Naruto. The first time was during a titanic battle with his brother Sasuke, and the second time was after Kabuto regenerated him during the Fourth Shinobi War. So the answer to the question of whether is Itachi dead for real is that he really died during the Fourth Shinobi death.

How did Itachi die?

Itachi technically had one death and was momentarily brought back against his will. But because of the pain he had to experience and internalize throughout his life, the guy actually experienced thousands of deaths. Itachi has always had a double life and was never free to accomplish what he genuinely wanted to do. He had to portray himself as a villain to the point that he alienated his brother. And caused the entire shinobi world to turn against him.

Itachi and Sasuke fight in the Naruto Shippuden episode “End,” in which the latter fiercely strikes the former while Itachi uses his Susanoo to dodge the blows. However, Sasuke releases Orochimaru, who wants to inhabit Sasuke’s body, in an effort to defeat Itachi however he can. Itachi successfully dislodges Orochimaru and breaks Sasuke’s cursed seal.

He had no chakras by this point, but just as Sasuke believes the fight is over for him, Itachi pokes him in the forehead in a playful reproduction of the loving love language they once had as brothers when they were kids. Itachi apologizes to Sasuke, smiles, and then dies away. This action also solidifies Amaterasu in Sasuke’s eyes.

Itachi eventually discovers a way to put an end to the Impure World Reincarnation after coming back to life by Kabuto. His final words to Sasuke contain the truth. He then bumps his forehead against his to acknowledge his brother as his equal. Before dying, he assures Sasuke that he will always love him no matter what. Still, he does not anticipate forgiveness from him.

Does Itachi die with a smile?

He did indeed smile. Itachi was content to be present to assist his brother, which is why he was smiling at the very end as he was about to pass away. Since he massacred his whole clan years ago, Itachi’s ultimate purpose has always been to aid Sasuke.

First of all, Itachi decided to take on Sasuke that day and waited for Orochimaru to emerge at the very last second in order to seal him. Itachi, who knew Orochimaru’s objectives, decided that it would be better to challenge Sasuke to the absolute edge of his prowess, forcing him to wield the Cursed Seal to drive Orochimaru from the room.

Itachi was able to prevent his brother from approaching Orochimaru, who intended to assume Sasuke’s body, by doing this.

Additionally, Itachi always wished for his brother to grow powerful enough to murder him. Itachi kept advising Sasuke to work and train hard enough to get powerful every time he came. And he saw that the only way Sasuke would put in the effort necessary to rise to power was for him to make his younger brother despise him.

Itachi was able to pass away content in knowing that he had made Sasuke strong. He realized that his brother was already capable of holding his own against him in a fight. He always wanted Sasuke to be strong because he saw his younger brother guarding Hidden Leaf Village in the future and making him atone for the guilt he made by killing the entire clan.

Itachi recognized he could now pass away content in the knowledge that he could leave the future of the village in his brother’s hands as he saw Sasuke having grown up and becoming quite strong.

Leaving a Legacy

Itachi does make appearances throughout the series as his corpse is revived by various characters. This only serves to assist Itachi to accept responsibility for his actions and continue to counsel his unhappy brother. Additionally, it allows him to speak with Sasuke after the latter discovers the truth about Itachi.

Sasuke’s future is significantly impacted by Itachi’s legacy. Itachi’s decision to kill his entire clan undoubtedly altered the trajectory of Konoha’s history. He was attempting to avert a war.

After Naruto defeats him, Sasuke realizes that he must defend Konoha.  This was his brother’s ultimate purpose from the beginning. At this moment he discovers Itachi’s actual motivations during the Uchiha Clan Downfall.

The Allied Shinobi Forces and the restored Team 7 are only able to defeat the Akatsuki. They are the ones that can put an end to the Fourth Shinobi World War. This is all thanks to Sasuke’s capitulation and his newfound alliance with Naruto. This ultimately saves the world and finally restores some peace to Konoha.

Despite being a minor character, Itachi’s story is one of the most crucial to understanding the history of the Hidden Leaf Hamlet. And the reason why the shinobi risk their lives to defend the village.

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