Rin The Fallen Hero

 We have witnessed battles, fatalities, friendships, and an abundance of new characters throughout the Naruto series. Occasionally, We lose things in translation or aren’t very clear. Yet for some viewers, these encounters make sense and develop the broader plot. Rin’s passing is one death that surprised some viewers. Although it initially appears as if Kakashi assassinated her, the conclusion indicates that this was not the case. Kakashi and Rin were comrades in the Third Shinobi World War. Therefore, why would Kakashi murder someone he regarded as an ally? In this article, we will finally have the answer to the question ‘ how did rin die’.

How did Rin die?

Fans discover the terrible reality of how Kakashi realized the strength of camaraderie in shonen style during Naruto’s story arc. In those days, Kakashi was a lone genius who insisted on rigorous adherence to the law. All while keeping in mind his father’s previous scandal. This put Kakashi in conflict with Uchiha Obito, a teammate who wanted to become Hokage. And was on the brink to break the rules for the benefit of a buddy. The only kunoichi on the team, Rin, served as a mediator after that. At the time, Obito secretly adored Rin, while Kakashi was more or less neutral toward her. A tragedy then occurred.

Isobe, the three-tailed beast, was imprisoned inside Rin by the cunning Uchiha Madara with the intention of releasing it when Rin reached the Hidden Leaf Village. To force Kakashi to immediately return to the Village, Madara even dispatched ninjas from Mist Village. Then Rin revealed Madara’s scheme to Kakashi and urged him to kill Rin. As she knew that she became a living weapon, she was unable to bring herself to kill the Hidden Leaf, even if it meant forfeiting her own life. Moved by Obito’s apparent sacrifice during a recent operation, Kakashi decided against hitting Rin and instead decided to strike Rin herself.

When combat began, Rin displayed genuinely altruistic resolve and blocked Kakashi’s lethal Lightning Blade Jutsu. Once Rin was faced with jutsu, there was little he could do to stop her. It seemed that she passed away happy that her sacrifice had spared the Leaf Village from ruin. From that moment on, Kakashi grieved for both of his deceased friends, especially Obito; yet, Obito was more affected by Rin’s selfless gesture than Kakashi was.

Why did Kakashi kill Rin?

 Kakashi wasn’t the one who actually killed Rin, but the situation is trickier than it seems. In order to protect her hometown of Konoha, Rin allegedly asked Kakashi to kill her. Rin made the decision not to allow the three-tailed beast to seize control and wreck her house. Nevertheless, she was unable to commit suicide and Kakashi didn’t want to either. Rin ultimately made the ultimate sacrifice.

Obito & Rin’s death;

Kakashi, Rin, and even Namikaze Minato did not know that Obito saw this scenario firsthand.  At the time, he had only had a tenuous connection to Madara. After seeing Rin die, Obito became furious and, without Kakashi or Minato’s knowledge, personally killed every Mist Village ninja present as retribution. 

The spiteful, distraught Obito, however, felt unsatisfied.  He clutched Rin’s body while announcing that he would officially join Madara. He will assist in his cause so that they could both reform the ninja world and ensure that innocent people like Rin would never die unfairly again. Surprisingly, the blame went to Madara for what had occurred to Rin.

All of these relate to the cycle of wrath, a universal and timely issue that comes to light in Naruto on both a national and individual level. In order to prevent their loved ones from passing away, ninjas like Madara and Obito declare that they will battle others. However, by doing this, these ninjas ironically create death and grief for their opponents. 

In other words, putting out fires with fire will only cause the world to burn completely, and “sparks” like Nohara Rin’s passing will soon start a fire. But in the end, Obito reformed himself and even sacrificed his life to help Team 7 catch Madara, Rin’s indirect killer. He even discovered Madara’s true role in Rin’s death before dying and finally meeting Rin in the afterlife.

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