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KCM2 Naruto – Explanation

KCM2 Naruto, also known as KCM2 or Kyuubi Chakra Mode 2, is not an alternate personality of the Kyuubi. KCM1 and KCM2 are the same thing, but KCM2 has changed because it now works like Nozomi’s Shikai in Soul Society.

Kyuubi Chakra Mode 2 is a deeper change than KCM1. Compared to normal Sage Mode, this mode makes the user’s body change more quickly. In KCM2, the eyes don’t look any different than they do in KCM1, where they get a brighter yellow glow.

KCM2 isn’t just about power; it also gives users speed that is faster than KCM1. In fact, KCM2 users are faster than KCM1 users, even though KCM is itself a speed enhancer.

Kyuubi Chakra Mode 2 is an improvement to KCM1. KCM1 is a form where Naruto forcibly takes Kurama’s chakra while keeping Kurama under the seal, to put it simply.

In contrast, Kurama allows Naruto to use his nine tails chakra in synchronisation in KCM2, where they become friends. Because he lacks all of Kurama’s chakra, Naruto cannot change into a tail-bearing beast in KCM1. In KCM2, Kurama and Naruto fuse their chakras to create a tailed beast transformation. Unlike when he was in KCM1, Naruto may now employ the tailed beast bomb.

Origin of KCM2 Naruto

It all began with Naruto and Kurama’s full collaboration when the KCM 2 Form was first implemented. 

The collaboration between Kurama and Naruto makes this form OP.

Note that because to their perfect cooperation, KCM2 Naruto is able to employ every chakra of Kurama.


KCM2’s Chakra Cloak is yellow. His transformation includes elongated pupils, whiskers that form the trigram, and a chakra cloak (cape) that resembles Minato’s haori.

Kurama’s Coordination

Kurama and Naruto are fully coordinated because they’re friends. Kurama is able to help Naruto in this state by utilising all of its chakra.

Out of all the jinchriki, according to Kurama, Naruto was the only one to be able to gain complete control. At first, he wasn’t even able to take control of his own body, but with time, he was able to reach a stage where they could converse while still retaining some level of consciousness.

Naruto and Kurama are called “The Greatest Duo” due to their fighting coordination.

Enhanced Strength & Speed

Sasuke remarks that Naruto’s talents now much transcend his at the height of his powers when he observes him manipulating the enormous Rasengan.

Kurama can help Naruto control the Tailed Beast Transformation for a very long time. He never feels overly worn out after using KCM2 because he has total control over his power. KCM2 Naruto is currently much above Kage’s level.

Sage Mode

One variant that does not require kcm is Sage Mode. Simply remaining quiet while accumulating natural energy will awaken it. Sage mode boosts toughness and endurance. Naruto perfects sage mode to defeat Pain.

Naruto needs sage chakra to attack Juubito during the war. So, when Naruto stays still, he gets energy from nature and can use Bijuu Sage Mode or Kurama Sage Mode.

In this form, Naruto’s speed and strength are like those of a tailed beast, making him even stronger than he was before. Since Naruto can move quickly, he can sometimes beat his opponents just by the way he moves. With the skills he has now, his senses are sharper, he can last longer, and he has the sage chakra.

His increased strength also lets him punch an opponent hard enough to send them flying from a long way away from the battlefield. He can also lift a huge boulder or a big piece of a stone wall with just one hand, which shows that he doesn’t need to build up much momentum before he strikes.

This form gives him much faster reactions, so he can avoid attacks much more quickly than he could before.

Tailed Beast Bombs

In Kyuubi Chakra Mode 2, Naruto can use the tailed beast bomb. It’s when he uses Kurama’s mouth to throw a bunch of bombs at people. The Tailed Beast Balls are very dangerous. They cause massive explosions that can be seen for miles and destroy everything in their blast zone.

When Naruto is in this mode, he can make as many tailed beast bombs as he wants, since there is no limit to how many he can make. Tailed beast bombs are 8:2 black positive and 2 white negative Chakra.

Kurama’s Body Manifestation

In KCM2 mode, Naruto can make Kurama’s tails appear easily from any part of his body.

You can use these projections to use jutsus like Rasengan barrage, weaving hand signs, punching the enemy, or blocking their attacks. Naruto makes part of his Tailed Beast Body appear so he can use more ways to fight and beat his enemy.

Chakra Sharing

One of the most important benefits of KCM2 is that chakras can be shared. Naruto can send chakra from Kurama to someone else just by touching them. Because of this chakra, they can fight better and do better in battle.

It gives them Kurama’s influenced tailless version 1 like chakra shrouds that boost their stamina and Jutsus to higher levels. It lets them heal faster and get the most out of their skills.

For example, after Hinata got Kurama’s Chakra, she was able to use her Eight Trigrams Vacuum Palm attack to block Ten-Tails’ tail!

Chakra Reserves

Compared to KCM1, Naruto’s Chakra reserves grew by a lot. This mode has half of the Kurama’s chakra, which is all Yang.

Kyuubi 1 Naruto had some of Kurama’s Yang Half Chakra, but in this mode, he got all of Kurama’s Yang Chakra, which made him have twice as much as in KCM 1.He has no trouble giving his chakra to other shinobi.

Chakra Prowess

Naruto has a lot of control over his chakra, which is needed for techniques like the Rasengan and Sage Mode. Naruto was only able to combine and use these two complicated and powerful jutsu because of his (and Kurama’s) ability to control chakra.


In Kyuubi Chakra mode 2, Naruto has a speed like Minato’s, which we saw in Kyuubi Chakra mode 1.

Bijuu Sage Mode

Naruto also uses Sage Mode and KCM 2 together, which makes him the best ninja ever who can do anything. Naruto creates his new form, Bijuu Sage Mode, by combining Sage Mode with Kyuubi Chakra Mode 2.

All of Naruto’s skills are greatly improved when he is in Bijuu Sage Mode. It makes him so strong that he can fight any enemy without transferring the tailed beasts inside him or even sharing their chakra.

Bijuu can use both positive green chakras and negative white chakras in Sage Mode. These chakras are used for many jutsus in this mode. From using Tail Beast Ball and X-Tornado Jutsu to using the Rasenshuriken.

Six Paths Sage Mode

Hagoromo Otsutsuki gives Naruto six paths of chakra. This lets Naruto change into a new form.

KCM2 Naruto

Naruto gets access to the Truth-Seeking orbs, gains the ability to levitate, and gets a small amount of chakra from each of the beasts with tails, which makes him look like a Jinchuriki with ten tails. With all the skills he already has, Six Paths Sage Mode makes Naruto even stronger.

Naruto will be the strongest shinobi ever after he learns this new form.

Weaknesses of KCM2

One weakness is that kcm2 and the tailed beast can only change in a certain amount of time. The user must be in perfect sync with the tailed beast, which takes a lot of practise to master. Also, a lot of chakra is wasted if the person and the tailed beast are not in sync with each other.

Another weakness is that the seal on the tailed beast is gone because Naruto and Kurama are working together. Without the seal, the tailed beast can’t be forced to stay inside the body. So it makes it easy for the opponent to get rid of the tailed beast. We see this when Madara takes Kurama away from Naruto in a matter of seconds, leaving him to die.


We hope this information was helpful and fun for you.

When Naruto is in Kyuubi Chakra Mode 2, he can use a lot of new skills. It’s important to know what each one does before moving on, so we made it easier for you to understand everything about it.

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