Neji’s The Fallen hero

In one of Naruto’s worst episodes, Neji death continues to cause fans grief. Strong-willed Neji had a rocky history and believed he deserved a doomed life, to be spent in servitude. Neji adopted a new route to forge a better future for himself and the Hyuga Clan because of Naruto Uzumaki. Even though Neji passed years ago, it makes anime fans sad due to both past and present circumstances. Neji had undergone extensive training to become a worthy companion and ninja. And Naruto’s brand continues to uphold Negi’s legacy.

About Neji death and life:


Neji was an almost robotically quiet, orderly, and obedient young man in his early years in Konoha. His upbringing led him to assume that young ninjas faced a predetermined fate and were unable to avoid their responsibilities. Neji, one of the few words, felt like a bitter adult trapped in a young body. He believed that his family had coerced his father, Hizashi, into dying for the Hyuga clan.

Unbeknownst to Neji, his uncle Hiashi ( twin), and Hinata ( daughter), his father actually gave his life freely because of a blood feud. This is what caused Neji to feel so bitter toward his own family; nevertheless, a fight with Naruto during the ninja examinations would finally cause Neji to change his perspective. After defeating Neji, Naruto assured him he was still brilliant, demonstrating his love, acceptance, and affection toward Neji.

Neji’s attitude started to change as a result of Naruto’s advice that he would realize his full potential once he stopped worrying about fate. Neji recognized he had to let go of hate in order to honor his father’s memory as Hizashi immediately revealed the truth about his father. He thus developed a more laid-back personality, started cracking jokes. Naruto gained even more recognition as one of Konoha’s brightest assets. He frequently offered sage-like counsel, displaying maturity beyond his years off the battlefield as well. Grew to love Hinata and his tribe.

Neji’s Powers:

From a very young age, Neji was among Konoha’s best warriors in the academy. He was capable of mastering skills involving earth, fire, and water. His martial arts prowess was better then Naruto’s. But what really set him apart was the Byakugan hereditary attribute of his family. He had exceptional abilities of this djutsu (ocular ability), including a nearly 360 penetrating field of vision. In close combat, his quickness and accuracy made him a fearsome opponent who forced rivals to maintain a safe distance.

Neji death and events leading to it?

The Fourth Shinobi World War, led by Gaara and pitting the Allied Shinobi Forces against Madara Uchiha’s resurrected body, began. The Ten Tail monster is reborn at one point during the protracted struggle, and Obito and Madara seize control of it by joining it.

The Allied Forces struggle to paralyze the enormous beast as Madara and Obito manage the Ten-Tails, but it suddenly fires multiple explosive beams powerful enough to level a whole settlement. The monster then shoots the intelligence team as well as Shikamaru’s and Ino’s fathers.

But before they pass away, they devise a final strategy to stop Madara and Obito, and everything depends on Naruto. The Hyuga clan—Neji, Hinata, and her father—concentrate on defending Naruto as Obito begins a devastating offensive against the Allied Forces, hurling a number of lethal spikes.

Although the struggle has been going on for a while and Naruto has barely any energy left, he manages to activate Sage Mode once more. He doesn’t have the strength to even stand after utilizing a few Rasen Shuriken to deflect the majority of the spikes.

Everything takes place in a flash. While Naruto is still healing, The Ten Tail launch a targeted attack on him, and Hinata goes right in front of him to defend her beloved Naruto, prepared to give up her life. However, Neji summons his Byakugan at the last second, which impales his body to spikes as it hits the ground. Neji, who is on the verge of passing away, informs Naruto that Hinata is prepared to sacrifice herself for him, proving that he possesses more than just his life. One of them was Neji’s life. Neji responded to Naruto’s tearful question about why he gave his life for him with his final words: “Because you labeled me a genius.” Neji death shocked fans and made a great impact on the story.

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