Sasuke Vs Danzo Fight Episode

One of the most significant characters in Masahi Kishimoto’s Naruto series is without a doubt Sasuke Uchiha. Sasuke has changed from a villain to a very particular type of antihero in one of the best tales in the genre. Numerous catastrophes occurred throughout Sasuke’s life, including his brother Itachi’s killing of his whole clan. Numerous significant battles have also occurred throughout this time, but for the purposes of this story, we’ll concentrate on his conflict with Danz Shimura. During The Gathering of the Five Kage anime arc, which runs from episodes 209 (“Danz’s Right Arm”) through 211 (“Danz Shimura”), Sasuke vs Danzo engages in combat. The battle takes place between chapters 475 (“Madara Shows His True Worth!!”) and 481 (“Danz Dies!!”) of the manga.

You may get a thorough synopsis of the Sasuke vs Danzo fight in the paragraphs that follow. Since you already know when it occurred, we’ll only give you the specifics so you can understand the situation as a whole.

Sasuke vs Danzo episode:

Danzo makes the opening move after removing the bandages from his arm, but Sasuke counters with his Susanoo. In another scene, Naruto begins to accept the reality of Sasuke’s unfortunate future, which brings up memories of people’s animosity toward his comrade. He was so distressed that he began to hyperventilate before falling asleep. Back at the battle, Karin begins to see a connection between Danzo’s resurrection and the Sharingan’s in his right arm. Sasuke begins to feel the strain of simultaneously using Susanoo and Amaterasu, yet he still manages to harm Danzo fatally. Sasuke uses a genjutsu to defeat Danzo as the show comes to a close.

When does Sasuke kill Itachi?

Whether or not we are admirers of the well-known protagonist and murderer of his own clan, Itachi’s death has never failed to shock us. The least that we can say is that there is something for everyone, whether it is the conclusion of the trip Sasuke has been on since he was a young boy or the conclusion of one of the most epic battles in the Naruto Shippuden series.

After a pivotal battle with Sasuke in which he grants Sasuke his Sharingan strength, Itachi lost his life in the anime in 2009. Itachi had always known that the only way he could die was at Sasuke’s hands because of his crippling guilt. Sasuke wasn’t entirely to blame for Itachi’s demise because he had a respiratory condition, to begin with.

Itachi Uchiha passes away in Naruto Shippuden episode 138, “The End” (in Japanese: “Shen”). His passing has raised a number of questions.

 By the time you finish reading this article, Sasuke vs Danzo is all clear.

Sasuke vs Danzo episode: What really happened?

 The Sasuke vs. Danz anime arc, which begins with episode 209 (“Danz’s Right Arm”) and ends with episode 211 (“Danz Shimura”), as we previously stated, takes place during The Gathering of the Five Kage.

 Danzo’s action

 After leaving the conference, Danz got a letter from the Fourth Raikage alerting him of Sasuke Uchiha’s deeds and the upcoming Summit of the 5 Kage. Danz’s initial directive was for Sasuke to add him to the Bingo Book and then be put to death for betraying Konoha. Danz delegated a number of duties to the Root members in order to get ready for the Kage meeting. After conquering Pain, Danz became aware of Naruto’s prominence in the community. He made sure to always keep an eye on Naruto because he still required the Jnin’s backing to become the Hokage.

 Danz gave the orders to find Kabuto Yakushi before Anko Mitarashi in the hopes that Kabuto would have medical knowledge that could help his right eye and arm. Other than that, Kabuto knew something about the connection between Danz and Orochimaru. His bodyguards, Torune Aburame and Fu Yamanaka accompanied Danz to the Kage Summit. A group of ex-ANBU from the Forest country assaulted the three along the route in retaliation for the root nearly eradicating them, but Danz killed them with his Sharingan.

 Land of Iron

 Danz did not actively participate in the conference when he first arrived in the Land of Iron. Mifune proposed an alliance to defeat Akatsuki, and as the Kyubi was the only Bij that had not yet been captured, he chose Danz as the commander. When Ao developed doubts about the surgery, she revealed Danz’s control over Mifune through her Byakugan. Zetsu shows up and confirms that Sasuke is present at the conference before he can probe him more on the matter. Danz and his bodyguard seized the chance to run when Sasuke arrived at their position, and Ao followed them.

Danz gave the command to stop Ao and emphasized that getting the Byakugan back from him was of utmost importance. F was able to knock Ao out of the path, but he was unable to get the Byakugan back. Danz and his men confronted the Akatsuki chief on their way back to Konoha. Tobi is attempting to utilize his right arm, and Danz told Fu and Torune to keep him busy. When he came prepared, the fictitious Madara expelled Sasuke Uchiha and Karin. Danz announced his plan to add the purported Sharingan’s of Madara and Sasuke to his collection. He wanted to do this while exposing his right arm to demonstrate that he was with the Sharingan.

Sasuke Vs Danzo

 Sasuke interrogates him regarding the slaying of the Uchiha Clan right away. This was an effort to learn whether the Konoha elders indeed compelled Itachi to kill his family. Danz affirmed the account and questioned why Itachi gave his life. Sasuke defeated Danz with the Susanoo after becoming enraged that he uses his brother’s name.

Despite appearing to be dead, Danz survived the Susanoo and Sasuke’s subsequent strikes. Danz was continually prodded by Sasuke, who wouldn’t stop bringing up Itachi, leading to the full development of his Susanoo. Danz must use his Wood Release to deflect the arrow that Sasuke fires at him using Susanoo.

 Inferring from his use of the Sharingan and the discharge of wood that he intended to control the Kyubi, Tobi, who had been watching the conflict, made this conclusion. He also noted that Danz frequently avoided death due to his mastery of the Izanagi kinjutsu. It enables Danz to distort reality to escape harm and maintain the potency of his assaults.

However, he needs at least one Sharingan that is active to use the technique.  Every time he employs Izanagi, he loses a Sharingan. When there was only one left, Danz and Sasuke engaged in a final battle.  In this battle, they both impaled one another with natural blades drawn from their chakras. Danz’s final blow was an effort to take out Sasuke.

Danzo’s end

 Danz advised Sasuke to go join Itachi because he thought he had won. Danz suddenly reduced his chakra levels in response to his new injury. He realized that he had also been hurt and that the last Sharingan on his arm only existed in Sasuke’s Genjutsu. This led to him losing control over Sasuke’s DNA. He was made to first cut off Hokage’s arm before the DNA devoured his body and transformed him into a huge tree. 

He held Karin prisoner and came in prepared to use Shisui Uchiha’s eye because he was unwilling to give up. Sasuke used a Chidori Eis to stab Danz in the heart before viciously attacking Karin.

 In his final moments, he remembers Hiruzen and how he could never surpass him, not even by conveniently becoming Hokage. He tries to flee the battle but Sasuke and Tobi corners him. With his last breath, he attempted to use his Sealing Technique to take the Akatsuki commander and Sasuke with him to the afterlife. But the plot failed since Sasuke retreated out of range and Tobi teleported away. Danz attempted to aid Konoha even in his dying moments. As a final act of disobedience against Tobi, he damaged Shisui Uchiha’s eye to stop the fictitious Madara from utilizing it. Tobi claimed Danz’s body after he passed away.

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