Why Did Itachi Kill His Clan?

One of the most well-known and misunderstood characters in the Naruto universe is Itachi Uchiha. He was a very powerful ninja, but the reason everyone knows him was that his whole clan was murdered by him. But why did Itachi kill his clan & how old was Itachi when he killed his clan?

To stop the Coup d’etat they were against the Leaf Village, Itachi killed his entire tribe. In Naruto: Shippuden episode #455, “Moonlit Night,” he murdered his clan. The massacre of the Uchiha clan is repeated in episodes #84, #128, #130, and #131. Itachi had to kill his family and the whole Uchiha clan when he was just 13 years old. The Hidden Leaf Village did not trust the Uchiha clan back then, and they experienced frequent mistreatment. So they made the decision to attack the village covertly. Continue reading to learn Itachi’s motivation for killing his tribe, why he spared some, and hypothetical scenarios.

Itachi’s Background:

The first step for fans to take is to learn more about Itachi in order to comprehend the Uchihas massacre. Itachi was the firstborn child and the strongest ninja in his generation. He was also the firstborn of the clan chief of the Uchiha family. However, he saw many crimes against humanity at a young age. He knew all important events, including the Third Shinobi World War.

He turned pacifist after witnessing the atrocities of the war.  After that, he set out to become the best ninja possible. So, he can one day eradicate all warfare and violence from the planet. At the age of 11, Itachi, a graduate of the Academy for Shinobi, assumed the captaincy of the Anbu. Itachi made the decision to slaughter his whole clan two years later, only saving his younger brother.

About Uchiha clan

One of the four aristocratic clans in Konohagakure, the Uchiha Clan is the strongest in the community. This was due to their Sharingan and natural combat skills.

Long after having contributed to the founding of Konoha, the Uchiha grew more and more removed from village affairs. Eventually, causing the Uchiha Clan Downfall and the deaths of the majority of Uchiha. Only a few Uchiha are still alive today.

The older son of Hagoromo Otsutsuki, Indra Otsutsuki, is the ancestor of the Uchiha. Through Indra, the Uchiha had access to Hagoromo’s “eyes,” which gave them a tremendous amount of spiritual energy and chakra.

Because of the so-called “Curse of Hatred,”  by Indra, Uchihas are prone to strong emotions. Initially, these emotions of the love for a friend or family member. Then transform into overwhelming hatred when the object of their devotion is gone.

When an Uchiha experiences loss, whether it be genuine or imagined, their Sharingan awakens. The Sharingan is largely to blame for the Uchiha’s fame and repute.

Since the time of Indra and his younger brother, Asura, the Uchiha and Senju clans have been in hostilities with one another for millennia.

Asura was chosen as the Sage of Six Paths’ successor because, in Sage’s opinion, Asura’s desire for peace through love is superior to Indra’s desire for peace via force.

With the aid of his Curse of Hatred, Indra fought Asura to retrieve his birthright. No one was aware of the reasons behind the ongoing conflict between the Uchiha and Senju, the descendants of Indra and Asura.

Why did Itachi kill his clan & what really happened?

Itachi, an Uchiha Anbu spy, saw that his own clan was plotting a coup that would cause a civil war. It will weaken the village, and leave it vulnerable to outside threats like other ambitious villages. Danzo then warned Itachi that his brother would be saved if he killed his entire clan. Or else he would die alongside his relatives.

 The neighborhood despised and dreaded The Uchiha clan. They were cast out, and even their leader faced unjust behavior with the rest of them.

In order to stop the Uchihas from being oppressed and looked down upon forever. The Uchiha leader (Fugaku) who is tired of his clan’s terrible treatment by the town sets out to take revenge. In order to become Hokage and free his people, he hatches a plan to overthrow the village elders. What action did Itachi take to end the coup? With his plus one, he massacred his whole tribe, including women, men, and children.

Itachi saw the third shinobi world war when he was four years old, which shocked him. The mere thought of another war like the one before worried him. So, he sought to avert it by whatever means.

In order to prevent the coup, Shisui Uchiha had to mind-control Fukasku, the leader of their clan. However, Danzo stole one of his eyes. And Shisui, not wanting anyone to find out about this, faked his own suicide. He then left a note saying he had damaged his eyes so no one would pursue them.

Then, in exchange for sparing Itachi’s younger brother Sasuke, Danzo gave Itachi an alternative mission: to kill the Uchiha.

Why did Itachi kill the Uchiha clan?

Danzo gave Itachi Uchiha the order to kill his clan. He informed Itachi of the Uchiha’s plans for a coup d’état. This would set off a civil war against the Leaf Village. In order to safeguard the village. And to put the responsibility on Itachi so that Sasuke wouldn’t despise the village for murdering the Uchiha. Danzo suggested that Itachi kill his clan.

It is true that the Uchiha was about to expel the village’s founding clans. Sasuke’s banishment served as a carrot for Itachi to kill his kin. And Danzo took advantage of the situation to do it. Itachi accepted the agreement to put an end to his clan early as long as they spare Sasuke.

How old was Itachi when he killed his clan?

When Itachi killed his clan, he was 13 years old. He joined Anbu Black Ops at age 11 and Chunin at age 10, which appears young.

Exactly why did Itachi kill the Uchiha clan and speared Sasuke?

Because Itachi loves Sasuke too much, he refrained from killing him. Danzo spared him from the Uchiha massacre as long as Itachi is acting alone in this scheme. And as long as it does not involve Sasuke. Itachi agreed to let Sasuke live in exchange for presenting himself as a wholly independent ninja.

The Consequences

Sasuke and Naruto became two of the most potent Shinobi Konoha has ever seen. This was due to the result of the Uchiha massacre. Sasuke continued to make multiple attempts to murder Itachi but was unsuccessful each time. When Sasuke finally confronted Itachi and had the strength to kill his brother, that day had come. Sasuke eventually discovered his brother’s true intentions after killing him.

Sasuke was able to defeat Madara and Obito after Itachi’s death because he had all of Itachi’s abilities. Naruto and Sasuke freed the Shinobi world from the limitless Tsukuyomi. This had the potential to enslave the entire globe in a surreal delusion, by beating Madara and Obito. Sasuke would never have developed his powers if Itachi hadn’t spared him and massacred the Uchiha clan.

What if Itachi had spared His Clan?

The Uchiha would have tried to topple the village’s founding clans if Itachi hadn’t killed his tribe. The Uchihas were responsible for the village police force, a modest operation. It’s true that a rebellion was developing, but Danzo took advantage of Itachi as a pawn to acquire Sharingans.

Did Itachi Feel Bad About Killing His Clan?

Now that we know why Itachi kill the Uchiha clan, we should know that Itachi never felt bad about killing his clan. He only regretted not telling Sasuke about any of his business, which led to Sasuke taking the wrong path.

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